Cattle Health Monitoring System is simply a smart collar that you strap around your cow’s neck and it monitors your cows’ temperature, activity and behavior round the clock to provide actionable recommendations that help you keep your cows safe, healthy and profitable.

CHMS is for anybody who owns a dairy farm. Whether you have 1 cow or a 100,000 cows, our smart device monitors them 24/7 to provide you with health alerts, estrus detection and early disease symptoms with a single online dashboard to monitor them all. What’s more? You get real time actionable recommendations on your phone via our customizable text messages & robotic calls.

With CHMS, we set out to address the top three concerns of every dairy farmer out there. How to increase milk yield, how not to miss estrus cycles and how to ensure maximum disease prevention. All three of these concerns not only negatively affect the profits dairy farmers earn but also cause them operational headaches, overhead costs and increased labor. CHMS makes use of the emerging technologies to solve all these and provide relief to our dear dairy farmers.

We kept iterating our product until we had something extremely convenient for you. We’re proud to announce that the battery of the CHMS lasts more than 3 years, allowing you to strap it to your cow and forget about it for Years.

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