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Cattle Health Monitoring Solution

What is CHMS?

CHMS is a multi-metric, cloud-based ‘Smart Collar’ for dairy cows which improves the efficiency of farm breeding programs and reduces health care costs through early illness detection.

How it works

CHMS uses a multi-metric analysis on each individual cows behaviour enabling more accurate and timely heat detection.

Reproductive Management

Health Management



Dairy Management Solution


DMS Dashboard will present the overview of the farm.

Cattle list

DMS Dashboard view will present the overview of the farm.

New cattle

A very user friendly input form to make a new entry of cattle. User will be to insert the every information about a cattle like:

Cattle details

This view will present the detailed information of a cattle. User can find also the treatment history, milking history and police case here.

User and ward management

User management enables admins to control user access. Admin will be able to create users and user groups with different access control. Each user will be able to login to the portal and access their own dashboard.

Ward management enables admins to manage the wards. Admin will be able to create as many ward the farm needs.


Service Booking System

What is SBS?

An unorganized Dairy eco system has a huge dependency on credible AI technicians. The non-availability of good AI technicians & the event of missing reported time window are major reasons that cause failed insemination.

One stop access through mobile App, Website

Medicine, Equipment, Feed, Semen allotment with detailed traceability

Automated task assignment to the Co-Operative Vet and Insemination

On Demand Milking hardware in Buy/Rental basis – Integrated CHMS software


Supplier Management Dashboard

[For Procurement Farms & Co-operative Managers]

Challenges faced by Procurement Farms

Planning of dairy products in the factory remains difficult because of less visibility of the volume of milk that can be procured.

Since the ownership of the animals and the following productivity remains in control of individual farmers, having control over supply chain productivity becomes impossible.

Rural Cold Chains for procuring milk are highly fragmented.

Forecasting the volume of milk possible to procure at a given time is highly difficult for a procurement farm.

Supplier Management Dashboard features :

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